Tuesday, April 16, 2013

eBay experience

Well, I did try eBay again. Listed 18 items-sold one. Whoopie-finger twirl! Not sure I want to waste my time with that.

My husband says we WILL participate in New Paris Community Garage Sale June 1st and get rid of some things. He has been cleaning out garage. I need to get busy and round some stuff up. It is time to eliminate some of the clutter in our lives. Also if I live to be 150 I could not get all the projects done that I have material for. Not sure I can even read all the books I have and want to.

I hope to get more projects done, but when you have sewing patterns for girls from size 3 to 14 and no granddaughters that size anymore it is time to get rid of them. A lot of them have never been used-such was my dreams and goals.

I would advise everyone to try and accomplish what goals you can. Life is too short:) Of course if I quit watching TV, Pinterest, Facebook, blogging, games and searching on the computer I might get more done.

Being a creative person is not easy. You have dreams and goals and things you want to create and NOT enought time to do them. When you are working you think I will have time when I retire. HA. When you retire, you slow down, tire easily and time goes tooooo fast. Also the things you thought you were going to do it seems "what's the point".

Ok, reading this over I sound a little down and I am not really just a little discouraged. Time to get busy and do some sorting.


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